More than half a mouse

I was going to post a picture of the present Little Miss left on the porch floor this morning, but there might be vegetarians visiting and I didn’t want to unduly tempt them back to the world of meat. We’ve been getting an assortment of rodent body parts deposited at the back door of late. Legs, bums, once, just a nose. Nothing else, just the nose. Maybe the mouse in question had a cold? I wouldn’t want to eat that bit either, not if it was full of mouse bogies.

But today it was a good chunk of field mouse, only the rump and one back leg missing, so she’d saved me the best bits. And very tasty it was too. Mmm, mouse tartar...

Apparently the farm down the road is pretty much overrun with badgers. Not in the sense that they’re stealing tractors and vandalising the cattle sheds with their aerosol badger graffiti, it’s more of a ‘running amuck and making fun of prominent local citizens’ thing. According to the farmer man who did hail me from his big yellow digger last week, they’re vicious little buggers and will attack and kill anything they can get their evil paws on. But he may have been taking the piss. I’ve never met a badger socially, so I’ve no idea what they’re like with a drink in them.

But the fact remains that there’s oodles of them hereabouts. And given the rate at which Little Miss Kitten Fish is decimating the local mouse and shrew population, I wonder how long it’s going to be before we’re finding half badgers on the back step.

I think they’d go nicely with a spot of ratatouille. Or mouseatouille, if there's any left.