I may have been a bit harsh

I had a small rant-ette on Bryon’s site last night about his plans to remove the blogger nav bar thing at the top of his site. And I quote:

"I just want to wade in on the moral majority thing: PUT THE DAMN BLOGGER HEADER BACK UP. If you don’t the whole ‘next blog’ thing is gone and I for one like that.

Plus, we get to play here for free - why not say thanks by leaving up the bar? Biting the hand that feeds and all that...

Dude - it’s the right thing to do."

OK, so it’s maybe not that vociferous, but it is heartfelt. Why the rant? Well, one thing that bugs the tits off me when I’m trolling the blogsphere as an excuse for not writing, is coming across a site with no ‘next blog’ button at the top. It’s like these people are too damn good to be part of the whole blog community thing. Not to mention the fact that we don’t have to fork out a dime to post and keep our blogs here. How much cash do you think it takes to supply and maintain all the servers and databases and internet connections sitting behind everything with a .blogspot.com address? HEAPS. The least we can do is leave up the little header thing so other people can join. And bugger off to the next blog, if ours is not to their taste.

Something else that gets my trousers in a bunch, are the bastards who’ve figured out how to do JavaScript popup bloody windows. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Cut it the hell out! I don’t want some crappy text-message-speak-style thing popping up when I try to get the hell away from your blog! AND ANOTHER THING – why the whole ‘txt msg, z gr8 n stuff’ posts? There are vowels on your bloody keyboard: USE THEM!

What else: Oh yes, bloody companies putting up fake bloody blogs so they can get their bloody products onto the search engines. Aaaaaaaargh! And thrice more: Aaaaaaaargh! In the ear - with a stick! Not what this whole thing is supposed to be for. And let’s not forget the spam-fisted sons of the bitch who auto post their fake comments by the thousand to con people into visiting their bastard vacuum cleaning businesses! May you all rot in hell with a halibut wedged up each nostril! Wedged up HARD! So you’ve got fins poking out of your bloody ears! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! ...

Puff, pant, and relax. Anyway, just thought I’d get that out of my system. You have a fun weekend now.