Flint Michigan rocks

The Flint Journal - they rockI found a link to the Flint Journal in my inbox this morning that put a huge smile on my face. It’s been a while since I got a good kicking in a review, most of the US notices have been positive, but this one is in a league of its own.

"Because his superb debut novel, "Cold Granite," is set in Scotland, Stuart MacBride is most likely to be compared to Ian Rankin, but this unbelievably assured and accomplished police story aims even higher. MacBride is starting at the very top with his first book, which approaches the level of Michael Connelly's best work."

Mr Forsmark is obviously an incredibly insightful and sexy human being. Though there’s always the possibility that he’d just had a huge liquid lunch.

Only trouble is that now I can’t get my baseball cap on over my swollen head. Maybe I’d better get a hair cut.