Themes and Memes

I don’t want to play, leave me alone poo-head boy. No!

OK, just a little,
  1. ‘How I Ended World Poverty, Cured All Disease, Killed Everyone Involved In Those Bloody “Have You Had An Accident In The Last Three Years?” Adverts, And Became The Richest Sex God On The Planet’ by Stuart MacBride.
  2. Never been to one, ask me again in two weeks time. It probably involves Rickards, Agent Phil, a psycho stalker woman and a complimentary jar of seedless raspberry jam.
  3. Spike Milligan. Or that talking dog from ‘That’s Life’, you know, the one who said sausages? Heh, that would be awesome. “Sasssszagesss” Awesome.
  4. Now and again I go a rambling, but I rarely ever go back. With or without a rucksack.
I tag no one else, because it’s a nice evening and you should all be outside playing, not pooping about on your computers.