The postman always rings twice – well, not round our house he doesn’t. When we bought the house it came with one of those wireless doorbell things that worked for a whole month before giving up the ghost. The DIY-madman who lived here before us had installed the button side of the thing upside down, so all the rain seeped in through the fitting and blew the circuits. Points for enthusiasm: ten, points for skill: minus three hundred and twenty four. Undaunted by this lack of technical perspicacity on the part of the former owners, Mr Postman makes with the loud knocking. And lo and behold, today he had two parcels for lovely, bearded me: one from Tambo, and the other from Lynn. Unexpected presents from across the water, and they’re mine, all mine!

presents for me!
Blade Dancer, Ghosts in the Snow and a sinister quilt

I’ve never had a quilt before, but now that I’m bequilted, I can look down my nose at those of you not in possession of such a fine accoutrement. Very cool is it not? That Tambo, sure can quilt.

Quilt, quilt, quilt.