Once more unto the thumb-twiddling

No joy with the house painting at the weekend – the weather has been for jobbies, intermittent rain and other weathery things that mean the house still looks like it’s got mange. And the forecast is poo for the next few days as well, so chances are Casa MacBride will remain unpainted until I get back. Such is life. This means that I may not displace my pent-up doodad in frenetic outdoor activity and must stalk about the house in a sulk instead.

To kid on I’m a ‘glass is half full’ kinda guy, I’ve made a start on TFT. Not plotting, or planning, or any of those other sensible things I do with all my other books, just started in on chapter one. I know pretty much what’s going to happen already (in a vague and hazy way), so I’ve decided to just have some fun. Have at it, and all that.

Back when I thought about doing this I decided I wanted to apply the same kind of sensibilities needed for crime fiction. No rambling descriptions for page after page, no massive diversions to talk about socio-political bollocks, none of that introspection stuff. Get in – tell story – get out. Just like that. Not entirely sure if it’ll work, but then that’s the fun of having a go, isn’t it?

There’s no chance of this thing getting written in one go either, the edit for TDL will be back any day now (just keep telling yourself that Stuart and it’ll all be fine), so I’m only going to get a few pages into it before I have to stop. And once I’ve done any edity things asked for, I’m going to go back to TSA – the poor thing is only 58 pages long, and it’ll be getting cold – so there’s no hope of TFT being finished any time soon. I’m going to use it as an unwinding tool, or if I need a break to go think about something.

This means I currently have three books on the go at one time, something of a record for me. Maybe I’ll buy a hat so I know which head I’m supposed to be thinking with?