Mojito madness

Finally got round to buying the makings of Agent Phil(is that a AAA battery in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me)’s favourite cocktails yesterday: mmm, mojito... Luckily we have heaps and heaps of garden mint and the EC lime mountain at the moment, so much mojito madness ensued for me and She Who Must Not Be Allowed To Play With Matches.

Just as well, as today is going to suck the big aardvark; for today is ‘painting the house’ day. And no, there will be no parade, or bunting. This is scraping the old paint off the walls, only to replace it with new stuff. Why? Because the old stuff has been wearing off since we got here, leaving the house blotchy-pink in places. Which isn’t nice. Looks a bit like it’s got mange, to be honest.

On the positive side, we won’t have to do it again for at least another two years. Now all we need to do is sort out the garden, tear the bathroom out and fix up the guest bedroom and landing, and we’ll be able to rest on our laurels. Or we would do, if we had any. Guess we’ll just have to use a bench instead.