In-between sniffles, snorks and sneezes, I’m at something of a loose end. The latest draft of The Dying Light (and Christ help us, but there’s talk of a new title being needed for it) is in with HC, but my bevy of editorial beauties are suffering from a bout of corporate rearrangeitis at the moment, meaning everything has to be packed up into little boxes and shifted over to temporary offices, while someone tries to get that funky smell out of the carpet. This means that Mr MacBride – AKA ‘me’ – is in for a bit of a wait whilst all this gets sorted out. Probably only a couple of days, but it’s still thumb-twiddling time. Not enough of a break to get my teeth into something else, but long enough to make me feel twitchy.

I know how they feel though, INoGITCH had a similar addiction to rearranging things for the fun of it. Every two years most of us would have to shift cubicles, abandoning our little IT nesting boxes for somewhere else. Fun, fun, fun, especially as the place you ended up with was never as nice as the place you just left. And a year or two later, you got to do it all over again. Hurrah! Still, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’m not exactly getting a lot achieved at the moment. I can’t go back to The Standalone, as that will mean getting my head out of TDL-mode, making it even more painful to get back into it when the office move is done. And as it’s only going to be for a couple of days, there’s not much point. I suppose I could go away and do some plotting for TFT, that’s different enough to make unlearning less of an issue, but then no one’s buying that kind of thing at the moment, so it’s pretty much time wasted. Mind you, I’m wasting time anyway...

Maybe I’ll go torment the cat.