Life imitates… well, not so much ART as stuff.

Lasse (who translated Cold Granite, thus inflicting it on an unsuspecting Norway) and Ingeborg (Norwegian publisher extraordinaire with Tiden) emailed me a photo yesterday. Apparently there’s a tradition in the land of Fjords and Aquavit where high school graduates paint up their cars and go partying. Which probably involves more Aquavit and scary hangovers. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know why this photo brought a smile to my face:
Hey, pretty lady, you want to come in my passion wagon?OK, so according to Lasse this Volkswagen was given its livery before Cold Granite came out over there, but we can pretend it’s a bizarre, homage conducted in non-linear time. Of course we can: if time is cyclical, then all moments will eventually overlap anyway. No, shut up, I’m not listening anymore... la, la, la...

Incidentally, if you were a sexy Norwegian lady, how turned on would you be by a scabby VW camper van, painted up in blood splatters? I’m guessing very ;}#