Gang Aft Agley

Well, you know what they say about the best laid schemes of mice and men – I’m betting that when it woke up yesterday morning the front half of the mouse I found in the porch probably hadn’t schemed to be separated from everything below its ribcage. That’s ganging pretty damn seriously agley, right there.

And I know where the back end of the thing is too – inside Little Miss Kitty Cat.

She’s become an unholy terror to the local fauna, sacrificing a minimum of one thing a day on her alter of blood and bone. This is the first time we’ve seen evidence of her actually eating someone though (well, other than bees, flies, beetles, forkytails and spiders), and given that she’s prone to doses of the Norris McWhirters I was surprised not to find something even nastier waiting for us when we got up this morning. But thankfully Mr Mouse seems to have agreed with her.