While the wife’s away, the cat will play...

Well, that’s another day of editing gone and I have a whole 22 pages to show for it. Wheeeee – do I rock or what… *ahem* Anyway, this evening the lovely She Who Must Go Out With Her Boozy Friends Now And Then is away into the bright lights of Aberdeen to have dinner with a couple of old colleagues. It must be said that Fiona is much better at this than I am. So far I haven’t even had a pint with my old muckas from the ISP I used to work for, or the dot.com company after that. I have had lunch with a couple of people from INoGITCH, but that’s about it. Like I said, Fiona is MUCH better at this.

The general rule is if She Who Likes To Think She Rules The Roost is off out for the evening, our bearded protagonist goes out, buys himself a steak and drinks as much red wine as he can before she gets back. It’s like one of those Iron Man challenges, only without all that posturing. And with more dancing. So tonight I’ve got a ribeye steak, a packet of value mushrooms, a bottle of Turning Leaf Zinfandel and I’m ready to rock, sweet mama (and other appropriate hippy-like sayings, oh yea, etc.). Trouble is, I don’t really like cooking for myself, so I’m still sitting here at 21:57 having done nothing more than nibble on some olives while I edit. Wow, I bet this is what it’s like to be Mick Jagger – as soon as his willowy young bride is off to her Girl Guides meeting he’s got a frying pan in one hand and a bottle of reasonably priced red wine in the other.

We’re like GODS you know.