Tippity, tip, tip, type

Urrrrgh... All day yesterday, and all day today, and probably all day tomorrow too – typing. Not writing, because I did that ages ago, no – this is just typing. Getting all those hundreds and hundreds of red scribbles* transcribed off the edit and into the computer. All 489 pages of them. Yesterday I only managed a piffling 156 pages – so I’ve got a bit to go before I get as proficient as Trace – which is just enough to get the old RSI tingling. Not to mention a numb bum from sitting in front of the electronic Cyclops of DOOM for 12 hours. Still, I have the same thing to look forward to today, and all this blogging malarkey isn’t getting the estate agent skinned.

Onwards – typing ho!

* The scores on the doors at the end of the edit? Three and a half red pens. And that’s not counting the blue one I had to use somewhere about the middle.