Thank you and ‘love donuts’ for all*

(I did try to post this yesterday evening, but the people running the internet up here must have run out of coins for the meter)

The best thing about being part of this crazy thing we call the ‘Place Where We Blog’ is the view from the bathroom. The second best thing is getting the kind of reaction I got to yesterday’s post whinging on about getting another seriously crummy review. Thanks to everyone who chimed in to either rubbish the dude responsible, or pitch in with horror stories of their own (Lynn definitely wins that one by the way). Nice to know you’re out there. Next time we’re organising a lynch mob and a picnic. Mmm, egg sandwiches and swinging corpses**

Right, that’s enough of this cheesy sentimentality, it’s back to torturing the written word for me!

* Just send a self addressed envelope with a cheque for $76.50 to cover postage and packaging!
** ‘Swinging’ being used here in its literal, rather than sexual context.