Stag, or mouse night?

Mmm... furry.Well, it’s the three hundredth fifty sixth day of Little Miss’s dominion upon the earth – fuzzy nonsense since 2004 – tomorrow she’s one whole year old. To commemorate this auspicious occasion she has decided to make sure a dormouse’s family remembers this day forever. Or however long dormice live. Going out on a limb, I’m going to say it’s probably slightly less time than your average Egyptian pharaoh. And with much, much smaller pyramids.

Once more we’ve been presented with a near-perfect dead rodent. Not a mark on him/her. If the KGB, or CIA are interested, Grendel seems to have come upon the perfect, undetectable method of inhumation. But then she’s a cat, so no shock there.

At least she hasn’t got round to leaving the half-eaten corpses all over the place yet.