Ladies' bras and other fun things

When I got TNH back from Sarah there was a note of concern from the HarperCollins legal department about my use of an Aberdeen City Planner in a very deviant sexual threesome (fictional – not based on any persons real, dead, or smelling of herring) and another about the potential problems caused by referring to that bra of bras the Triumph Doreen.

Best Selling Bra In The World!As the ‘Doreen’ has a special place in my affections, which we won’t go into here*, I was keen not to replace this phenomenal work of lace engineering with another bra that I’d made up. After all, how could you replace an item of lingerie called ‘Doreen’? So I decided to try hunting down the manufacturers and get formal permission to use their upholstery in TNH. Not as easy as you might think, Google comes back with 7,880 results for Triumph Doreen Bra but I finally managed to track them down through the yellow pages and a bit of guesswork. So now they are in possession of a tiny snippet of the book. I suppose it’s all going to come down to how seriously they take themselves… It won’t be the end of the world if they say no: I’ll just go and make one up. How does the Victory Agnes sound?

Boy, this writering stuff is hard work, no? ;}#

* And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with my dressing as a woman for money: you can look, but you can’t touch!