Home of the brave

Well, we’re into serious countdown territory now – CG hits them naughty American bookshelves on the 15th and everyone on that side of the pond can find out for themselves which Guardian news paper got it right: the eponymous one or the MUCH more classy Wanstead and Woodford one.

I got a copy of the US edition through the post a couple of days ago from St. Martin’s Press and it now has pride of place on the bookshelf of self-indulgent shame along with the Norwegian, UK, and Large Print editions. That’s not even counting the audio book versions on CD and tape. It’s like one big ego-fest round here you know. All I need now is a film deal and a television series and I’ll be impossible to live with. Mind you She Who Must Need Her Head Examined has managed to do so for eleven years and two months (it was our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday, and thanks to everyone who sent us their warm wishes… ahem).

Funny thing is, even though it’s set from the UK edition – making it almost identical apart from the cover – I still got that wide-eyed thrill when I took the book out of the yellow baggie, like holding the book for the first time.

Right, I’m off to look at more websites full of bras!