Another one bites the dust

That’s another red pen killed in the process of editing DL (now that it’s no longer going to be TNH). I don’t think I’ve ever gone through that much red ink on a book before. What fun, tra-la-la…

On the plus side, I’m down to 54 pages to go. And them I’m going to back to the start again. Yay!
I think half of the problem with this one is that by the time the notes came back on the first draft I was a good third of the way into TSA. So I’ve still got big chunks of that book swimming round behind my eyes, getting in the way of the stuff I’m trying to edit. Which is more of a pain than I thought it was going to be. Still, tomorrow is another day and will hopefully take me within spitting distance of the finishing line (or it would do if spitting wasn’t frightfully rude).

And from the looks of thing pen number three might not be long for this world either. I’ve only got about an inch of ink left in the damn thing. Good job I bought a pack of twenty.