Weekend matinee

Tomorrow sees the next stage in my bid to conquer the UK airwaves with a stint on both BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Scotland. I’m not too sure when the poor people of Humberside will be subjected to the bearded ramblings, but She Who Must Be Credited For Certain Things Not To Be Mentioned In Public was accosted by a colleague today saying, “Did you know Stuart’s going to be on Radio Scotland tomorrow?!?” All excitement and thrills. Fortunately Fiona doesn’t have a sarcastic bone in her body and so swerved away from such responses as, “Really? Wow: I wouldn’t know that because I’M HIS WIFE! AND I'VE SEEN HIM NAKED!*” and did some eyebrow origami instead.

She’s such a trouper.

*needless one-upmanship, I'm sure you'll agree. And probably nothing to boast about.