Onwards, ever Onwards

what ho, me harties, tpo poo with the poor: I say we keep it!Well the edit continues, much faster than it has been due to the fact that the naughty computer spent most of the day switched off. Nice and quiet. Which means that TNH is now 33% edited, or if you’re of a more visual bent – if the book is a Lego representation of Robin Hood, then the edit is two-and-a-bit Smarties tall right now (if you balance them flat-wise on top of each other). And if you look at the book as being the distance from the earth to the moon then that’s 21,361,111,111 Smarties worth. Which is WAY more impressive. Especially when you consider that Smarties are 57% chocolate, which makes the edit the equivalent of 45,394 miles of solid chocolate.

Kinda puts things in perspective, no?