All quiet on the North-Eastern front

Things have been quiet in the MacBride household since the editorial notes came back on the unnamed terror that is BOOK 2. These consist of not only Jane and Sarah’s thoughts, but also those of Kelly as well. So that’s me now been edited by both HarperCollins and St Martin’s Press at the same time. Kinda a literary threeway thing (and with pretty editor ladies too, he said with a naughty eyebrow).

As such Friday and the rest of the weekend has been spent in a vague maelstrom of thought as I let the voices in my head process their comments and try to make them fit in with the things I want to alter myself. Luckily no one wants a huge amount of changes made, and everyone seems to like the thing (even if the poor wee sod doesn’t have a name yet), and I’ve got nearly a month and a half to finish the second draft. Which is nice. So I can spend the day playing with the cat if I like… or I could have done if we hadn’t inadvertently set off a bottom-bomb within the fuzzy nut-job by feeding her some of our lamb last night. Talk about your Weapons of Mass Destruction!

But back to the edit – today I’ll have to do some printing out, some reading, and some going through things with a red pen (which will probably hack Sarah off no end, as she’s more or less done a line edit on the thing as it stands). After that it’ll be back to the writing board and full steam ahead to completion. Which means that TSA is going to have to go on hold for the now. A shame as I just figured out the ending whilst peching and heeching my way up Bennachie yesterday. And very Noir it was too (the ending, not Bennachie, that was just thoroughly sodding exhausting).