A well-timed validation

Well, whilst Olav may have been unimpressed by Kald Granitt’s theme, at least I know there are a couple of people who don’t think my stuff sucks wet farts from the arses of dead pigeons. Interim feedback is in for Book 2 (along with hints about what’s going to happen to my nether-regions with bull-clips and battery acid if I don’t come up with a title for the damn thing pronto) and so far so good. Thank the Sainted Fish. No major rewrites on the horizon (not looking to rub it in John, just saying is all), and everything seems to have worked OK. Along with one scene currently being described as “probably one of the most gruesome things I've ever read, and will stay with me for quite some time.” but in a good way ;}# And, as it doesn’t involve children, Olav might quite like it too (though I doubt it).

While it’s unpleasant to get kicked in the nads by someone you’ve never met, or heard of, it’s very nice to get positive feedback from people you’ve got a lot of respect for.

Good old Jane and Sarah – gawdblessem.