Not really getting into the swing of things...

Well, it’s Wednesday, three days since I’ve been a sort-of full time write-ist, and the chapters ain’t exactly flying off the printer. A lot of this I blame on other people (as it’s MUCH easier than accepting any sort of responsibility oneself) – Monday was interrupted by the double-glazing people coming in to finish off the bedroom window, Tuesday was the boiler being serviced (we’ve had no hot water for slightly over two months now), and today was interview day. So, all in all, not a lot has been getting done. I’m still only on chapter three of TSA. THIS WILL NOT DO!

On top of which, ever since I had my ‘sort of last day at work thing’ last Thursday, I have become a huge, bearded bed-slug. The alarm still goes off at 06:45, but I have become intimately acquainted with Miss Snoozebutton – saucy little minx that she is – much to the dismay of She Who Must Have Time To Shower, Dress, Breakfast And Swear At Hairdo every morning. This is not like me at all. Some mornings, even when I have managed to drag my sorry carcass from the embrace of Madame Duvet before 07:15, I still don’t get to the computer by 08:30. It’s as if my internal body clock has a snooze button of its very own, and something keeps hitting it. Possibly this is just a reaction to getting up to go to work every Monday to Friday for the last God knows how many years, or maybe I’ve just suddenly turned into a lazy bastard?

Whichever it is, I’m going to have to get my act together and actually write something. Stuart did look upon the book and said, ‘Let There Be Words!’ and there were… Starting tomorrow morning. I swear.