I been incognito

Which is a small place, just south of Oldmeldrum. For those of you who notice such things, I have been absent from the INTERNET OF DOOM over the weekend, due to pressing business in the garden. Saturday was spent digging the tattie patch (by which I do not mean standing about in afro and flares, looking at the tattie patch and saying ‘groooovy’ a lot) and Sunday was spent groaning, clutching tortured muscles and complaining about having spent all of Saturday digging the tattie patch. Oh, and a bit of lawn mowing and raking… Christ, the days are just packed, aren’t they?

The only vaguely write-ist thing I did this weekend (not including hurrying out to buy a copy of Scotland on Sunday) was talk to Fiona about ‘The Standalone’. Not sure if it was that good an idea to let my spouse into the dark jumble sale that is Stuart’s pre-writing planning stuff, as mostly it did make her go all a-squirm. Never have I heard the phrase ‘that’s horrible!’ repeated so often and with such conviction. Fiona thinks that about 90% of the book is far too nasty for words and can’t believe anyone in their right mind would ever want to read that kind of thing. Which makes me quietly confident that I’m onto something here - anything that makes Fiona writhe in revulsion has got to be worth a shot.

There’s just one bit to figure out in my head before I can actually sit down and start writing the thing (even though I’m still nowhere near finished on the researching front) and I’m looking forward to it. Much darkness and death will ensue. Bwahahahahahahaaaa….