Dr. Why?

I know it was a couple of days ago (I’ve been busy, so sue me), but the BBC has announced that Christopher Eccleston is quitting the new revamp of Dr. Who after only one series. Episode one came out, people seemed to like it, and Eccleston became terrified of being typecast. He has ‘artistic aspirations’ (according to MSN news) and thinks being recognised as Dr Who isn’t going to do those aspirations any good. Hmm… why sign up for a series and then wimp out because you’re scared people will recognise you as the character? Surely he had a bit of a think about the nature of actually being in a series before he signed up for it. No?

To be fair, I’ve not seen any of the new series (still have difficulty looking at Billie Piper without feeling nauseas), so I can’t tell if it’s crap or not, or if Eccleston comes across as an iconic doctor who will live in the hearts and minds of people for generations and blah, blah, blah. Still, I’m with Fiona who thinks it’s a pretty ungrateful thing to ditch a show so soon after accepting the job.

Worse yet, they’re looking at hiring David Tennant – who was going to be reading Cold Granite for the audio version, before I lucked out and got John Sessions instead (who I’m sure has done a MUCH better job of it) – and we’re bitter, twisted, bearded old men who hold grudges like some people hold badgers! Probably doesn’t help that when I was little, I really, really wanted to grow up to be Dr. Who.

Quick K-9: to the TARDIS!
(cue ‘whonnnnnk weeeeeeeee, whonnnnnk weeeeeeeee’ sound effects)