0.6 on the Weirdometer

A stunning example of Whiteboard ArtThis photograph brought to you courtesy of 'I-Forgot-My-Camera' Incorporated
Consider me well and truly freaked out. In a nice way. Sort of… I went into town today and what do I see, plastered all over the window of Ottakar’s? The words ‘Cold Granite’ picked out in eighteen-inch-high letters, made out of dust jackets from the book. Right there, in the middle of Union Street, in the middle of Aberdeen. Thankfully there wasn’t a life-size cardboard cut-out of Yours Truly (or horror of horrors, massive great big, blow up of the old bearded face), but it was bizarreamundo nonetheless.

Now given the fact that this is stage one of ‘Operation Global Domination’, I have to wonder why I’m so freaked by the sight of my book’s name in a bookshop window. Even if it is in eighteen-inch-high letters. How am I going to react if someone actually recognises me? Which, given the fact that I’m going to be all over the Evening Express and Press and Journal* sooner, rather than later, may not be beyond the realms of possibility. And when that happens, am I going to get lynched?

Now you see, these are the things they don’t teach you in Media Training – how to run like buggery from an angry, pitchfork-wielding mob. Time to invest in a pair of Nikes I think...

* Aberdeen's two local daily newspapers with HUGE readerships