Fiona (She Who Must Be Bonkers) has been bursting to tell everyone the big secret all year. There was a huge debate at the start of the whole getting published thing where it took me ages to convince her to keep her natural tendency to blurt under control. This was hard in the beginning, but eventually she got used to the idea that the fact I was getting published was our dirty little secret and no one else must ever know… Until the run up to my birthday, when she suddenly remembered that she REALLY wanted to tell someone. Anyone. Everyone!

Only trouble is, now that it’s all out in the open, or at least now that I’m not purposely lying about why I spend so much time at home in front of the computer (I’m downloading porn: honest!), she’s finding it much more difficult to tell people. Apparently it’s a bit too close to boasting, and she’s never been very keen on that. And when she finally works up the courage to tell someone she’s disappointed when it comes out sounding like it’s not really anything that special. Poor fish that she is. After all this time, she’s only managed to tell about three people where she works.

I however, am getting good wishes at a staggering rate (about five today, and six yesterday, so I’ve almost broken the dozen), my ego is already starting to inflate to the size of a small minibus. I may even have to start wearing a cravat.