Can Lightning be made to strike twice?

This is a thought I have been having a lot over the last few days: can you, by force of will alone, make lightning strike twice?

When I was wee, just a tiny scrap of a thing, I used to read a lot. It was my principal pastime. Staying up way past my bedtime I’d devour books when everyone else was asleep, reading on into the wee small hours (I used to read much faster than I do now, but as I started writering I slowed down readering).

So far I’ve almost sold SF (HarperCollins were considering buying Halfhead when they suddenly got sight of Cold Granite and decided that would be a MUCH better idea). Crime you know about. Horror… well, I’ve kinda had a stab at, but it was really more of a supernatural action / thriller. The only thing I’ve never tried my hand at is Fantasy. Swords and sorcery and mud and grime and war and torture and rivers of blood… Sounds fun, no?

Oh I’ll probably never get round to doing anything about it, but it might be fun. Have to think up a good pseudonym though. I wonder if anyone else out there in mystery world feels like playing outside the genre? I know Bryon fancies his hand a chick-lit. But what about anyone else: who has dark, shameful, genre-cross-dressing secrets hiding in their closet?

--- updated thing---

After Sarah’s comment I see that I have strayed far of my original mark on this one. The real point (that I so inconveniently forgot in my rambling) was not to ask, 'What else do I feel like writing?' but 'What can I write and actually sell?' I’ve been lucky with CG and HarperCollins (blessed be thy name), can I do it again in a different genre with a different name? Is this writing thing – in its more general sense – something I can do, or am I a one-trick pony (with the obligatory liking for carrots)?

In short: can I try something else (not crime) and make it work?