Alfresco writering

Yup, today sees the first chance to sit outside on the veranda and write in the great outdoors. Nasty foggy morning gives way to blue-sky afternoon with plenty of sunshine for me and Madame Kitty-Poo. Though she spent most of her time trying to catch mice and birdies. Without any success on either front. But I think she got to eat some spiders, which is nice (if you’re a cat, or have swallowed a fly).

Which means I have finally managed to finish off the first draft of that bloody not-so-short story. Hurrah! Now I can get down to thinking about the next book, and hopefully forget about the whole fantasy novel thing for a while. It’s lurking everywhere at the moment, but I shall eschew it’s variable charms. After all, there’s no money in it, and it’ll have to wait until ‘The Standalone’ and ‘Book 3’ are finished. Oh, and I still have to come up with a name for ‘Book 2’. And do whatever edits Jane and Sarah want for ‘Book 2’. So it’s going to be a long time until I’m writing about talking cats and torturing corpses. Ho-hum.