Work (pronounced "g****b-h******k")

No post yesterday as work was just too darn… Well, let’s just leave it at that, so as to avoid the legal ramifications of publicly scorning a vast IT conglomerate. It’s really getting harder and harder to actually go back to work these days, that first taste of Monday morning in the office is getting more and more bitter. Not long now though: I have the ‘Leave of Absence’ forms and I’m not afraid to use them.

Another reason for the deplorable lack of drivel yesterday was due to a pressing need to minister to a sick cat. And if you’ve never tried it, I think I can safely describe washing an ill kitty’s delicates in the bathroom sink as being somewhat akin to cleaning a chainsaw with your eyebrows: while it’s still on. Never mind razor-wire! Just Velcro a bunch of cats on top of your fence and invite burglars / terrorists / nogoodnicks to try washing the moggie’s bums with nice warm water and kitten shampoo. Accident and emergency will be flooded with lacerated naughty people.

Doesn’t help that I’m still pretty allergic to Miss Kitty Fish, which means that all those claw marks and puncture holes end up looking like the elephant man on a bad day. I kid you not: my poor tattered flesh swells to four times its normal size (and we’ll have no comments from the smutmeisters thank you very much: you know who you are) and it itches like a bastard.

But it all goes to keep the mind from obsessing about potential feedback from the Phil, and when such feedback might actually arrive. Obsess, obsess, obsess…