This week I are been mostly…

Sodding about with cascading style sheets. Yes, now that book the second is off with Phil to go “Oh my GOD, it’s all CRAP!!!”, I’ve turned my attention to the heady world of internet thingies: in particular the creation of an new website to promote the book and a restyling of this very blog.

Now I’m from the old school – I’ve been designing web sites for about 10 years, and web applications for the last 8 (‘applications’ being much grander than ‘sites’ and costing up to about £7.5 million, so I get some sort of geek brownie points and RSI: hurray for me…) and that’s all been done doing tables. Mmmm… Tables. I LIKE tables, they’re easy, they’re straightforward, they’re predictable. You put something inside a table – it’s inside the table. Not like with CSS, where you put something inside a bounding box, it’s maybe in the box, but maybe not. Did you rub bacon into your thighs this morning? ‘Cause if you didn’t your text is going to be all over the place. Bwahahahahahahaaaa! And the damn stuff doesn’t even behave consistently. Get it looking OK in firefox (my personal browser of preference at the moment) and it looks like a three-year-old’s art project in Explorer. Not to mention Netscape, which I haven’t even tried yet. The stuff I’ve done since sending book 2 off to Phil I could have done in about an hour with straight HTML. But straight HTML would be too easy! Now it all has to be content separated from style and… poo… Like life isn’t hard enough without making it purposely difficult for yourself. But I’ve broken that particular dromedary’s back and now all is slow, irritable sailing towards the great nirvana of website and new-look blog.

So don’t be surprised if everything stops working in a week or two, it’ll just be because I’ve screwed something up.