Well, no post yesterday due to being totally and utterly shagged out. Went into town with She Who Must in the morning then borrowed her car to go do the long-awaited photo shoot. Urnnn… Fiona’s car is bloody hard work, I miss my power steering – mind you, given that my car insurance is probably about to go through the roof when I become a write-ist, maybe I should be thankful I’ve got anything to drive at all – and getting the thing parked all over Aberdeen was nothing short of exhausting. Not to mention all the running about.

Even though the snow is armpit-deep out where we live, Aberdeen was ‘inconsistently covered’, which was a bit disappointing. But I still managed to take 183 photos for the website. Kinda get the feeling that I’m going to have to edit / spread them out over a while, or I’ll never get any work done. And it took all bloody day too. In the cold. And the snow. So today I sound like an elephant snorkelling in a vat of custard and ache all over. Groan...

And, to add to the ‘things to do’ pile, I picked up the abridged version of the manuscript from the post office this morning, so that’s another 226 pages of stuff to read through ASAP. But then, Sarah says the abridger is very, very good, so I’m hoping it’s going to be nothing more than rubber-stamping what’s been done.

Maybe then I can get around to finishing off the website, writing the content, tidying the house and getting everything ready for the party. Or at least, getting it ready for the half dozen people who’re now coming. Well, at least it’ll cut down on the washing up.