The world is full of rampaging weirdoes.

OK, so far I had only suspected this, but a fifteen-minute expedition through the ‘Next Blog’ button has provided empiric evidence of this fact. Now I have been pretty conservative with my blog-based browsing to date, only following links from sites I know, then on through sites linked to by their sites… Technically this should lead to some seven degrees of separation holistic doohickie, but it doesn’t. What you get are a lot of people with fairly similar taste in things. But the ‘Next Blog’ button does away with all this connectivity nonsense. The ‘Next Blog’ button exposes the dark, word-association underbelly of the blogging community.

I thought the people I worked with were bizarre, but jeepers-criminy, they’re like the legions of the sane compared to the man who writes poetry about his underwear, or the woman who writes short stories so bad they’ll make your rectum implode. Maybe this internet thing is like a vast care in the community job, where the mentally-different are let loose to exercise their demons (and yea: I do mean exercise rather than exorcise). Good job this blog is written by and for sane people. Otherwise I think there would be cause for concern…

Now, has anyone seen my duck?