Stuart MacBrides’s Diary

Well, so much for the old ‘I’m going to write in the evenings when I get in from work’ resolution. Christmas is still making its presence felt – last night was spent dismantling the Lounge Tree, the Study Tree (which is technically a Birthday Tree {topped by The Birthday Fish, and not a fairy, which makes all the difference} but has been moonlighting as a bog-standard Christmas one this festive season) and all the other bits and pieces for another 11 months. And this year we weren’t the best organised, so the Library Tree never saw the fairy-light of day. Didn’t even make it out of the box. Getting all this done, and making the tea, took all bleedin’ evening. So no writing. Not helped by having to get back into the swing of rising with the alarm clock.

Must try harder tonight, or I’ll end up an insomniac-late-night-writing fool!