A sobering reminder from the back-blogs…

I can’t call it a moment of epiphany, as it’s something I suppose I’ve known all along, but Sarah’s comment on my last post has got me thinking: we don’t really know one another, do we? To put it in more bold terms: I don’t know YOU, and you don’t really know ME. (though if you’ve been reading this blog for any sort of time, you’ll know a hell of a lot more about me than I know about you). In fact, the only person who posts on this blog that I’ve actually met is James. And I count him to be my best friend (spouses excepted), having known him for years.

And yet, the whole ‘blog thing’ encourages a familiarity that maybe isn’t always welcome to all parties. We blog. We share snippets and facets of our lives, and yet: we’ve never met. The only connection we share is via a modem. Are we friends? Can we take the piss out of each other and know we’ll still get invited back for Christmas dinner next year?

Perhaps I’ve been guilty of over-familiarity with this thing. Maybe it’s time to stand back a bit and think of the blog in a different light. After all, what do we really know about one another?

Me: I like black and white films*; I like stories where everything isn’t spelled out to you; I like Australian wine; I like cooking; I like childish, jelly-based sweets; I like writing stuff, even if some people think it is a bit gruesome; I love my cat and my wife, and mushroom soup; I like dancing in the kitchen, just as long as I know no one’s watching; I like a good book that I don’t have to wade through; I like drawing stuff…

Now it’s your turn.

*Though this does go from ‘Arsenic And Old Lace’ to ‘Man Bites Dog’