Not so much forwards as sideways…

Fiona didn’t get in till far too late last night: she’s been singing for her Burns Supper. But this means we didn’t get to bed until nearly 02:00 and up again at 06:45. So most of this morning was half-shut-knife time.

The whole final finale thing was put on hold as I worked through all the bits and bobs on my whiteboard, tying stuff up that I’d previously left to dangle. Not all of them, but enough that it shouldn’t bug the nipples off anyone reading it. You see, I decided I wanted to finish the book and have it finished. Not end up typing that final chapter and then sit back and ho back to fiddling with stuff.

Want to finish and be finished! Done! Dusted! Wrap it up and email it off to Phil, and maybe James too for when he gets back. No more fiddling for a week or two, which should give me time to give the blog a makeover and do that website before the Norwegian launch. Oh, and I have to make a coffee table at some point too, just as soon as I can borrow a router.

Life’s just packed.