Next day delivery my arse! (part the second)

As those of you with nothing better to do with your free time than read this rubbish will know: I’m not a happy bunny on the digital camera front. I had thought three days was a pretty shocking time to take to get one wee parcel from daaaaarn saaaaarth up to Aberdeen, but I was obviously not reckoning on the lethargic power of DHL (and thanks to Darren for his suggestion as to what the letters stand for, but I think it now has to be D*****g H****k-L******as.)

Now ‘Next Day Delivery’ takes five days if you have the good audacity to live north of the border. Not quite a WHOLE BLOODY WEEK, but it’s close enough for my biscuits. The thing got into the Aberdeen depot at 10:55… And that wasn’t enough time to get it out on the afternoon van. Eh? There’s another six hours between five to eleven and the close of business. I could WALK across Aberdeen, and back, in that time.

Said it before, say it again: Bastards!

So, allegedly, I’ll be getting my grubby paws on my camera tomorrow. Following which I intend to bombard Fiona (not groovy wife Fiona, but groovy HC publicist Fiona) with loads and loads of self-taken author photos. She hates it when I do that ;}#

But sooner or later (and lets face it, it’s going to have to be sooner now) I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make a special trip down to jolly old London in order to have me picture taken, Guvnor. This was supposed to happen last year at some point, not for HC, but for those lovely people at Forum – who’re going to be publishing Cold Granite in Sweden sometime later this year – but he (Jerry Bauer) lives in Italy, so we were off to a bit of a difficult one to start with. I’m sure it’ll all happen at some point. Until then it’s lots of my cheesy / hairy face with the one arm disappearing off out of shot.

And if you’re all really unlucky I might even blight your day by posting some here.

Or maybe just pictures of the cat.