Bit of a mixed bag today. Wrote what could be the penultimate chapter to book 2 this morning and, to be honest, really liked where it went. Big self satisfied smile and it’s time to break for lunch. But coming back after lunch: things, they don’t go so well. Another chunk of book, but I’m not happy with the resolution. I get the feeling the thing should have finished, but there’s all these threads left to tie off.


So tomorrow it’s back to the drawing board for the final chapter, and maybe some fiddling about with stuff that happens before that too. Bring it to a tighter conclusion.

Whatever happens I’m a hell of a lot closer to my 150,000 word (contractual) delivery, even though I swore it'd only be as big as CG (at nearly 25K less). I’m only 4,000 words off that right now. And given the things I need to tie up, I can see each and every one of those going.

Never, EVER thought I’d be on the writing end of a book that big.