Breathe a sigh of relief…

Today is a day we’ve not been dreading for about three months: the day Grendel – AKA: Little Miss, Kitty-Poo-Cat, Little Peeper, Madame La Peep, Grendel Fishcake, and occasionally: Bad Cat! [if she’s been trying to chew the appendages off Mr Froggy the wicker wastepaper basket in the study] – goes in for her ‘little op’. Anyone who has done this will know of the trauma. I think what disturbed us most was having to deny her food from 18:00 and water from 22:00. Poor wee toot. But she went into the vets this morning, and I know the boyfriend of the senior partner, so was in a perfect position to wreak terrible revenge should anything go wrong.

Thankfully it did not and Madame La Peep will be returning to the family bosom this afternoon – provided I can squink off work early to go pick her up. Not looking forward to seeing a big bald patch and stitches on my little girly, but needs must. Especially as she’s a Maine Coon cat, and therefore pedigreed. Without this little trip to the vet we won’t actually own her, as the breeder keeps the papers. The only other option was to fork out an extra £320.00 to keep her whole and get kittens. And much though we’d have loved that, we just can’t.

So this weekend will have to be spent in devotion to the little furry animal (and no, I don’t mean Fiona this time, although she does come from Fife, so I can see where the confusion arises) and if I’m lucky, a bit of writing as well. Two new chapters by Monday! That is the goal.

Just as long as I can fit it around pampering the cat.