The slow mambo of events

And then there were two: according to the lovely Fiona (not wife Fiona, who is also lovely, but HC publicity wunderkind Fiona) there’s an invite in the post to the Edinburgh Literary Festival. Don’t know to do what, possibly pick up all the sticky tissues after the next Ian Rankin reading, or maybe some sort of panel thing? Who knows?

This brings the total number of ‘Things What I Must Go To’ to two. So the dance card is slowly beginning to fill, but I’m obviously not the prettiest girl at the ball. Maybe it’s the big, manly beard? But I’ll be doing the new writers’ panel at Harrogate as well, which is supposed to be the proverbial good time had by all. A crime festival sponsored by Theakston Old Peculiar – how cool is that! (Phil tells a terrific story of The Woman In Red stalking writers, agents and anything else in a pair of trousers.) Maybe it’ll be an opportunity to meet John Rickards and smack him about the head and neck for not reading British crime. From the looks of his photo on his blog I’ve certainly got the weight advantage.