Hotels: I love them

Well, that’s another night spent in a Guildford hotel – Holiday Inn, the most expensive one yet. Complete with mini bar and pillow menu. I had the goose down and porcini mushroom with a white port glaze. And still couldn’t sleep. Grrnnnn…

Worse yet: I’d managed to write a rather nasty segment for book 2 on the plane on the way down and was looking forward to expanding on the theme (involving as it does the removal of fingers) in the evening. But it was not to be. Instead it was ‘team building’ time. Whoo, and indeed, Hoo.

There’s something quite nice about writing tales of blood and gore at 30,000 feet. Comforting. Book 2 was started on the 06:45 BA - Aberdeen to Heathrow flight, so there’s a kinda familiarity to tippity tapping away while some nice lady comes round with the drinks trolley. OK, so as it’s the morning flight, the only things coming off it are tea and coffee, but it’s the thought that counts. Not that I get a lot of writing done on the plane, I need a right hand, window seat with no one sitting next to me for that: don’t ask.