First airports and now evenings…

Actually sat down at the computer and wrote last night, after getting home from work. Doesn’t happen very often these days, so I feel it’s something of an achievement. As I’m on this weird part time thing where I work for someone else 12 business days out of every 20, I tend to save up all the writing to the time I’m home. Oh, and weekends. And when I’m in hotels. Or airports… Anyway, managed some happy smiley scenes of post dismemberment blues. With any luck this will be the start of a trend and I’ll be able to get the book to Phil The Agent for Christmas. What lovely present that will be (he said with a smattering of sarcasm) the plan is to make sure it’s not a steaming sack of poo before letting HarperCollins anywhere near it. After all, I don’t want them throwing up their hands in horror, shouting “It’s all a steaming sack of poo!”, and demanding all their money back.

This would not be good.