And we’re off…

Well, that’s the old 2004 rumbling to a close, like a chesty cough. And I have to say that I expectorate a much better 2005. Now that’s not to say that 2004 hasn’t been a blast: ‘cos it has. This year has been, over all and taking into account the various ‘qualities’ of work, not too bad at all. I’ve got wonderful publishing deals with wonderful publishers all over the world; I’ve met a lot of nice, but f***ing WEIRD people through this blog (with the exception of David V**** who is not weird at all, but super special – first person I know of to actually order my book and therefore a star of the highest magnitude); I’ve gone part time from my ‘lovely job’; I’ve been out to dinner with lots of pretty ladies from HarperCollins ;}# ; We’ve got a new cat (more of whom later when I get some web space sorted out for pictures); and Fiona’s horse, Jasper, has come out of permanent invalidity to perform again.

So all in all a pretty bloody great year.

2005 is going to be scary as a badger with a hand grenade, but I’m going to try and rise to the challenge. After all, if I screw this up, it’s back to the poopy IT Project Management grindstone for me until I die (which probably won’t take long).

So: anyone out there – have a great eighteen minutes and an even better 2005! (just as long as you remember to buy my book… {Rickards - this means you!})