Val McDermid Rocks

(by which I don’t mean that she is unstable in any way: this is purely an expression of admiration) The lovely Val, one of the biggest guns in UK crime fiction has been kind enough to say nice things about the book and provided a lovely blurb. This will no doubt get plastered all over the book jacket for all to see, enticing them to part with their well earned dosh in exchange for THE BOOK. I really like her work as well, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

Ahem, drum roll please…

“Ferocious and funny, this is Tartan Noir at its best.”

Got to admit, when I started down this road, I had thought it’d be great just to be published. A little deal with a nice little publisher, who’d put the book onto bookshop shelves. Maybe some people would buy them. Nothing big – you know? I certainly didn’t think I’d ever actually end up published in six languages and get nice quotes from famous people! Kinda worked out a little bit better than I had planned, don’t you think?