The First Signing Frenzy

Which has to be the second most surreal even of the year - the first being getting a publish deal. This was one of those spontaneous things sparked off by Damon, who I honestly thought was taking the p*** to begin with. You want me to sign a proof of the book? You’re joking right – you do know that this is just me? Not some big fancy writer bloke? But no, he was being totally sincere. And then so was a whole slew of people – Marketing, International Sales, Editorial… Unless of course they were just humouring me. Which is possible as they are very nice and probably thought it would be good for my self-esteem.

So there I am, nicely relaxed following Damon’s generous pouring of the old fizzy, suddenly confronted with this pile of bound proofs to read… But the worst one of all was suddenly trying to come up with something to put in a copy for Jane – my HC editor, the person who decided I’d be worth taking a three-book-deal chance on, who’s basically giving me the opportunity to go write for a living and thus completely change the life of me and my family (for the better) – and I’m b*****ed if I could come up with something. So instead I scribble down some sort of self-conscious dribble that probably doesn’t come across right and is all poo… Somehow, when I was twelve and actually believed that it would be a good idea to practice a fancy signature, rather than pay attention in physics one afternoon, for when I became rich and famous, I didn’t think there would be actual thinking required.