And we’re off…

Well, that’s it for a little bit, as far as the blog’s concerned. The great thing about having gone part time is that I get to take it all in one lump, so every four weeks I get to spend one and a half of them at home – fighting a war of attrition with the cat and bashing away at the new book (60% under the old belt and aiming for a Christmas finish). The bad bit is that as I’m a home hermit (second class) I’m devoid of this internet thing, so no access to the blog for me. Unless I wangle something with Fiona.

It’s that or I actually have to get around to having broadband, or some other thing like that, installed. Not that easy a task as we live out in the back of beyond.

So until then: try to be good and don’t pick at your scabs. They’ll never heal otherwise.